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What is Socially Responsible Investment ?


SRI is the variation of sustainable development principles on the scale of an investment. It’s an investment strategy based on the systematic consideration of environmental, social and governmental criteria (ESG) called extra-financial criterias. These complete a traditional financial analysis.



ESG criterias


The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criterias represent the three pillars of extra-financial analysis in the investment process.



To learn more about CIIAM’s methodology regarding SRI, download our SRI charter.

Our beliefs


“Our SRI beliefs echo the great discussions that are shaking the world today about the future of our social model and the planet. An institutional investor needs to take this into account  while evaluating performance.  CIIAM strives to develop its own beliefs on these themes, by applying  our own expertise but also by mobilizing each time the structure, the collaborators and the stakeholders on the subject. It is not a matter of doing the same as others, nor better than others, but simply of having a philosophy that CIIAM can assume internally and externally.”

Romain Frémont, President

Colliers International Investment & Asset Management seeks to integrate the energy, environmental and social dimensions into the heart of its investment and management policy to preserve the planet’s interests, the assets it manages, and indirectly those of its customers. This approach is born of a real belief which is reflected in the asset performance audit, risk management and the desire for transparency and quality information available to investors who trust us.



CIIAM : A committed company






News : The SRI at CIIAM 


Immeuble NUOVO – 92110 CLICHY
Acquisition of the triple HQE Exploitation certification

Axe 1 – Sustainable building : Excellent

Axe 2 – Sustainable management : Excellent

Axe 3 – Sustainable use : Exceptional
The acquisition of the triple HEQ Exploitation certification for Nuovo building located in Clichy demonstrates a strong ambition : be the first tertiary building in Ile-de-France certificated excellent on the three measures. The goal would be to go further in the process to aim for a maximum certification level.




INITIAL is a real estate investment product aiming to have a strong and positive social impact. The purpose is to assist cities to prioritize districts in their transformation in order to revitalize and reintegrate them into a promising metropolis. In partnership with the National Agency for Urban Renovation (ANRU) and expert in bare ownership investment and of the social rental usufruct PERL, INITIAL bets on social diversity, diversification of neighborhood functions and the residential capacities in order to revitalize the neighborhood.



Follow and read our 1st edition of SRI booklet on Impact Investing : SRI booklet n°1