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Fund & Asset Management

We offer a complete range of services in Asset management, Fund management, Corporate management and Project management.


Fund management

Rental values calculation, ratios follow-up, financial reporting

Fund raising
and financing

Reporting to regulatory authorities


Daily asset management

(property management outsourced)

Technical advisory, project management,
service providers management

Operational reporting

Legal advisory

Corporate management of the funds (SCI, OPCI…)

Two main activities

FIA funds mainly including real estate investment funds : Dedicated fund management adapted to the needs and constraints of professional investors in compliance with regulations. Know-how in structuring new funds or taking over existing funds by a dedicated team, with a single client manager.

Separate account mandates specific to real estate assets : the individual management of real estate assets allows tailor-made management for the Investor. Asset management is defined within a specific mandate providing for the reporting methods and the objectives pursued in terms of valuation or sustainable development.

Assets under management : > € 3,9 Bn